St John’s Wort Oil

produced by the cold press method

St John’s Wort Oil has a mystical effect!

  • St John’s Wort Oil is a well-known medicinal plant in folk medicine for many diseases, including indigestion, stomach and duodenal ulcers, liver diseases, renal pelvis infections, bladder diseases, women’s diseases (hormonal system disorders, irregular menstrual cycle, painful menstrual period, etc.) and also colds.
  • One of the strongest stress and depression relievers, also good for headaches.
  • Can be used externally for rheumatism.
  • St John’s Wort Oil is also used for burns (a very radical remedy), even if 2/3 of the body surface is damaged.
  • In case of wounds, fissures, inflammations and wind blisters that do not heal well, an oil compress is applied to the affected area.
  • Relaxes the smooth muscles of the biliary tract and the blood vessels of the intestines and urinary tract.
  • St John’s Wort Oil helps to overcome fears, gloominess, reduces nervousness, elevates mood, relieves depression, helps with weakness and anorexia, lack of concentration and menopausal depression. It also helps with sleep disorders and insomnia.

Usage and dosages:
NB! Shake before use. Store in the refrigerator after opening. Internally take 1-2 teaspoons during the day, no more. Apply externally to the skin or make compresses.
NB! Do not use during pregnancy and breastfeeding!
St John’s Wort Oil can significantly affect the effect of other medications, so you should consult your doctor when using other medications. For example, it accelerates the metabolism of cancer drugs, i.e. it takes the drug out of the body faster, so it cannot have the desired effect.
St John’s Wort Oil increases the effect of migraine medications. Reduces the effect of cholesterol drugs. The plant oil also reduces the effect of birth control pills, which is why St John’s Wort Oil is not recommended while taking birth control pills.
It is not recommended to use before going out in the sun – may cause a phototoxic reaction (excessive redness, swelling, blisters)

The information comes from various aromatherapy books, websites and has also been confirmed in many scientific studies. The information is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute any medical information. The information is not a substitute for diagnosis and treatment by qualified medical professionals. When using essential oils for therapeutic purposes, consult a doctor. Everyone uses essential oils at their own risk.

The manufacturer has ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and HALAL certificates, and production is carried out according to GMP standards. Importer: Novapinus OÜ,; +372 53495517